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The SkinHouse Clinic is a single studio providing anti aging and longevity clinical treatments. This Personal one on one clinic prides itself, specialising in treating a range of conditions that compromise the appearance of the skin.

Over 28 years practical Experience with quality products & proven treatments with a simple approach. Providing all the current of Non Invasive applications, those that time after time always improves the skin and most often with no down time, delivering you visibly healthier skin without the need for surgery.

Our approach with you is to design a program that fits to recondition your complexion or area of concern, proven that with the combination of aesthetic therapies, non-surgical and minimally invasive will always provide measurable results.

At SkinHouse all our Skincare treatments have been established to improve the skin’s appearance where sun damaged, pigmentation, scarring, dehydration, ageing, and general malfunction is evident.

As a professional skin specialists, imperative to evaluate your skin condition, formulate a skin fitness program that targets and achieves optimal outcomes. We will professionally advice and recommend for you an uncomplicated pre & post skin fitness regime.

I know skin… therefore you can be confident knowing I will work with you & together achieve the best possible outcomes for a more radiant and youthful YOU!

Donna Keogh


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